Auto Rapid Traffic Review

Auto Rapid Traffic Review

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Hi there, I’ll be posting my full Auto Rapid Traffic Review as soon as Joe Walter gives me access to his product. In the meantime make sure you bookmark this page and check back often for more information about Auto Rapid Traffic, also don’t forget to check out my special Auto Rapid Traffic Bonus page which by the way has one purpose and that is to provide you with the best Auto Rapid Traffic Bonus offer so you can get the best value out of your $$$.

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Auto Rapid Traffic Review – A marketing tool in near real time

The real time aspect of campaigns, e-mail marketing offers many advantages but also some constraints. It covers both the shipping / delivery of messages but also the possibilities of obtaining the results of campaigns.

A nearly instantaneous transmission time

Whatever the destination of the email that is sent theoretically within seconds or at worst a few minutes. In addition, diffusion is not likely a priori to be slowed by social movements or force majeure.
If dissemination is instantaneous, for cons, the receipt by the user it is more uncertain and depends on the frequency of consulting the mailbox by the recipient.
If in the early years of the Internet mail boxes were sometimes infrequently accessed, the behavior change and the mail retrieval becomes almost a reflex multi-daily for a growing number of Internet users.

This immediacy of the delivery of e-mails can include interesting use of the channel for removal from storage or yield management .
Furthermore, on some campaigns, the immediacy of the transmission and the potential reactivity can cause very sudden load increases.

This is particularly true in the B to B or more than 80% of the responses can sometimes happen in the day made for broadcast in the morning. If the answer is through a phone number, take into account what type of response curve.

The reporting capabilities in real time (Auto Rapid Traffic Review)

The other is doing in near real-time measurement results. It is automated, some tools, the first campaign results (open, clicks or conversion) are available within minutes after the start of the campaign.

Besides the pleasure for a campaign manager eager to see results almost immediately, the immediate availability of results allows to shorten considerably the time of year due to testing procedures.

On a file large enough, a test plan covering various headings of messages or objects can be created and analyzed in less than an hour or even fifteen minutes.

Risks of real time

The real-time aspects of campaigns, e-mail marketing are also some risks. Errors campaigns are usually difficult to overcome Auto Rapid Traffic Review.

If the message contains an error, once the send button is activated, it is very difficult (except in the case of a large file from Long) to stop the campaign until all recipients have been affected. For this reason, most responsible email marketing test uses a list of recipients

Similarly, if the error is on the Auto Rapid Traffic Review pages or links images inserted into an HTML message, the error will be corrected when it is detected, but it will be too late for all the recipients have already opened message.

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