Evergreen Business System Review

Much like going to the mall at Christmas time, there is a huge buying context on the Warrior Forum. People are more likely to buy something than they normally would, a sales letter on the warrior forum has a much better chance of converting than if it were out in the wild. People come to the WSO section with checkbook in hand right off the bat and this gives us an advantage, but herd psychology still applies.

When analyzing stocks, often it’s less about the company in question than it is the psychology of the market place. It’s been interesting to see how this applies to the WSO section as I consider it a true microcosm of market dynamics. I could probably publish a paper on this but here is everything you need to jump on a trend that’s hot, and know when it’s not.

Evergreen Business System Review & Warrior Plus 

Mike Filsaime recently released an affiliate program within his Evergreen Business System. If you’re not familiar, warrior plus is THE tracking solution for warrior forum sales. The affiliate program is a recent addition and is a gold mine for market research. There is a monthly fee to use the affiliate program, but even if you don’t intend to promote WSO’s as an affiliate it’s well worth the small price just to see the new offers as they come out. The amount of data provided on each offer is incredible, you can see an estimated number of sales, conversions, EPC, as well as the number of times the owner of the thread has ‘bumped’ the ad. You want to look for trends in specific sub niches, and see how they are selling. Here is the biggest indicator:

Bad copy still sells

When you see an offer with bad sales copy, and it is converting better than offers with good sales copy, this is usually a good indicator that they are selling a product in a hot niche. Best example of a popular ‘trend’ was the recent switch facebook made to iframes.

This was big news in March 2011, and any product that was selling in this ‘sub niche’ did very well, even when the sales copy was terrible! Now I am NEVER the first one into a new market, you always want to let other people test the waters and analyze the feedback they get so you can position yourself uniquely by offering what they are missing, based on customer feedback.

Let them find out if the topic is hot, and make all the mistakes along the way! And if they’re product happens to do well it will only prime the market for your better follow up release. Like I said before, our target customer will buy EVERTHING including your new Evergreen Business System product in the same hot trend.

By coming up with a slight twist on the idea based on customer feedback you can also approach the first product creator to become your affiliate as you now have a hot new product that would cater to his lists needs. Any smart marketer will realize his customers will buy from you eventually anyway and would have no problem making sure they do it through his affiliate link. Since our market exists on an open forum it will take only days, or even hours for this feedback to appear and you are ready to position yourself in the market.

Now with this facebook switch, I noticed a number of products that offered solutions to this problem were selling better than products in a different sub-niche’s even though the copy wasn’t as good and the seller was not as well known. I will provide a great example of this in a case study later in this book.
So we have a hot niche, products are being sold by unknown marketers with terrible sales copy and they are outperforming the rest of the market place. No we need to position ourselves in this market:

Evergreen Business System Identifying needs not met

The next step as I mentioned is to find a unique position in this market by satisfying needs that have not been met. A great example of this was my QR tag WSO. I noticed a number of very successful WSO’s that were bucking the trend by selling well with rather unknown promoters and lack luster sales copy. Most of these products catered to offline marketers who wanted a way to sell this new QR tag technology to local businesses. The one thing I noticed is that no offer had the actual Evergreen Business System software to generate the damn tags, and the customers were asking for this in the thread replies!
Seeing this hole in the market I built a simple QR tag generating software (could have outsourced it for maybe $300) and released it with PLR rights so offline marketers could sell it or give it to local businesses.

This Evergreen Business System Review has done close to $10,000 in sales since I launched it 3 weeks ago. The sales copy was not the reason; the size of my list was not the reason, nor my suave affiliate recruiting strategies. I found a unique position in a hot market, and the rest fell into place. One thing I also noticed was the number of affiliates who signed up automatically when they saw my offer. You have to remember, the feverish hype of market trends applies not only to customers, but to affiliates and product creators as well. They saw a product doing well in a hot trendy market and they wanted a piece of the action!

Greed and Fear are the two biggest factors driving any market. Now I will get to sales copy and the big secret later in this manual, but I think you can piece it together by now. I didn’t have to hire some big name copywriter to sell something that was positioned this well in the evergreen business system review marketplace. Learn to find and follow trends… You will thank me later 😉

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