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Passive Profit Portals – How To Protect Your Information Product

You have to set the security on your file based on what you are most comfortable with. Do you want to give customers the ability to print out your information? Do you want people to have the ability to copy and paste your content into another editor?

You can take things a step further as well and protect your product so that it can only be downloaded one time, on one computer ] preventing people from sharing or distributing it online. You can also password protect your document so that customers are required to enter in an assigned password just to be able to read it.

To start, you will want to create a PDF of your document. You can do this by downloading a copy of Adobe Acrobat at or by using free PDF creators, such as If you fre a Mac user, you can create a PDF from within Word (or any other processor) by clicking on Fileh / Print and choosing PDF automatically.

Using your computers built in PDF creator will limit the amount of security that you can place on your information product, so if you’re interested in preventing text copy or printing, you’ll want to download a full featured PDF creator. If using Adobe Acrobat, you’ll be able to open your PDF file inside of Acrobat and assign specific security
settings to your information product by clicking on the Document menu tab. Then choose, Security and Secure This Document.

You’ll be able to customize your security preferences from within that area.

Just make sure that if you choose to password protect your document, that you provide a password to customers on your download page. You want to make sure this is VERY clear on your thank you page to eliminate an influx of customer support tickets.

How To Protect Your Download Page

Protecting download pages from unauthorized access is a major concern to info product merchants who want to ensure that only paying customers are able to download their material. With customers sharing download links and prying eyes attempting to gain access to products for free, it’s a valid concern and one that you should address early on, so that you can retain the value of your product and avoid lost sales.

If you are planning to feature your information product within the ClickBank Marketplace, ClickBank offers the opportunity to add a layer of protection to your productfs download page by customizing your account settings, primarily by adding in what is referred to as a secret key.

When a customer purchases your product, several important values are then passed along to your download page, including the ClickBank receipt number, the (epoch) time of the order, the ClickBank item number as well as the ClickBank proof of purchase value. You will use this secret key when using third party product protection tools as well, so it’s important that you set this up within your account so that you can configure your download page to work with these protection utilities.

By default, your ClickBank account isnft set up to use the secret key option, however it’s exceptionally easy to set up.

Here is how to do it:

1) Log into your account at
2) Click on Account Settings from the top navigation menu.
3) Click on My Site from the Account Settings menu as shown below:
4) Scroll down until you see the Advanced Tools box. Click Edit.
5) Set your secret key to something that is difficult for people to guess. Consider combining numbers and
letters together to create a secure key.
6) Write down your secret key and store it somewhere safe on your computer. Save your changes and
close the window.

It is worth mentioning that according to, less than 2% of registered ClickBank vendors use a Secret Key. However, for sales on any given day, over 50% of the sites that makes a sale use a Secret Key. The lesson here is that the most successful ClickBank vendors protect their product using the ClickBank Secret Key and CBPOP.

Once you have enabled your security key, ClickBank will then encrypt the receipt, time of purchase, item number using the secret key you have specified. This will help protect your product from prying eyes, although there is still one major concern. Those who have purchased your product will still be able to provide access to non paying customers simply by sharing the download link once its been sent to them by the ClickBank system.

Thankfully, there are a number of additional things you can do to eliminate download link sharing and restrict access only to paid customers. Use A Robots Text File Robots text files can help prevent search engines from indexing your thank you page or download page URL so that it is not visible within the major search engines.

All you need to do is add the following code to the head element of your download page and it will prevent robots and search engine spiders from crawling and indexing your page: You should also consider renaming your thank you page to something that would be difficult to guess, such as combining a series of numbers and letters together (example: thank5687you0doe.html). There is also software available that will instantly add protection to your products download page ensuring that only confirmed customers can access your material.

Our top choice:
Product Lockdown

Product Lockdown offers extensive protection against link sharing and unauthorized download page access. This script takes about 10 minutes to set up and will instantly block access to your thank you page so that only paying customers are ever able to download or access your info product. Works with any payment processor, including ClickBank.

When configuring software to protect your download pages, always make sure that you thoroughly test out the system by making a test purchase. You want to make sure that paying customers will be given instant access to the product they have purchased. You should also provide a contact form, or email address on your download page in the event that your customer has difficulty accessing their product.


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